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Why choose Droopler

1. Works and looks great out of the box

2. Built using the best technologies

3. You can extend it in any way you want


Cutting edge technology

Droopler uses the best of the best technology stack: Drupal 8 and Bootstrap 4. By using droopler to start up your project you immediately get a head start of technology created by great communities.

Beautiful and Super Flexible Design

Out of the box you get a fantastic, flexible system which allows you to build various pages and websites.
Droopler is very customisable. Thanks to modular design and use of highly parametric SCSS, it allows you to change whatever you want, however you want it.

Flexibility and no constraints

Using Droopler, you can add any number of subpages and sections, in any order you want. You have full control over your website and it will be exactly the way you want it.

It also offers you the possibility to expand the system with additional modules and functions. Droopler is based on the best CMS system – Drupal 8.


Content built with Droopler is perfectly presented on your computer, as well as on your phone or tablet.

Support for SEO

Droopler HTML code is optimised for search engines. In the system, you will also find modules for setting metatags and redirections. You can easily integrate your website with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

For whom?

Marketing departments

Do you have to quickly launch  and manage multiple websites:

  1. Per country websites
  2. Brand specific websites with similar design/functionality
  3. Websites for events, promotions, 
  4. Landing pages

Droopler is ready to be your website factory!

Small and medium business

Do you want to launch a new website for your business but are afraid of choosing a technology that will limit you in the future? Droopler can help you!

It is built on Drupal - the best and most versatile CMS out there. Great companies use Drupal. Be among the best without the budget of a large corporation. Start small and grow into whatever you want!

See sample pages built using Droopler.


We have prepared a special demo version of Droopler. See how attractive your website can be!

Epic Balanceboards is one of the businesses that choose Droopler. And they are doing great!

Training Realm landingpages uses Droopler to build out static pages for its application. Front page, ToS pages and the likes. They saved a ton by not having to build from scratch.

See what Droopler has in store for you.

For small and medium-sized enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises can use Droopler as an excellent tool for building a website or product pages.

For Enterprise

Large companies which create multiple marketing campaigns, landing pages and many new products can use Droopler as a “website factory”.

For programmers and developers

Developers and programmers will find that Droopler is an ideal base for building more complex websites and web applications.